Scan & Secure

  1. Our Mobile Solution: Data Theorem monitors the major application stores for a customer’s mobile app (Apple AppStore, GooglePlay, Windows Mobile Store, and Amazon Appstore). The technology identifies security flaws and data privacy issues in each respective application on a continuous basis. Any identified data exposure is then confirmed and reported to customers asap.

  1. Static, Dynamic, and App Logic Analysis: Our product performs security, privacy, and malware scans in search of data protection issues. The mobile appscan will include several key areas, which are listed below:

    • Mobile Binary Scanning (Static Analysis):
      1. .ipa (Apple iOS)
      2. .apk (Google Android)
      3. .xap (Windows Mobile)
      4. .appx (Windows Tablet)

    • Run-Time Scanning (Dynamic and App Logic Analysis):
      1. User Flows
      2. Data Flows
      3. Application Screens

    • Network Scanning:
      1. Data Leakage to Third Parties
      2. Unauthorized Data Collection
      3. Insecure communication
      4. Misuse/Misconfigured SSL

    • Server Side Scanning:
      1. Mobile APIs
      2. Mobile Web Services
      3. Mobile HTML (WebViews)