Scan & Secure Mobile Apps

  1. Our Mobile Solution: Data Theorem’s Scan & Secure program continuously monitors the major application stores for a customer’s mobile app (iOS, Android, and/or Windows Phone). Our technology then performs static, dynamic, and application logic scans in order to identify security flaws and data privacy gaps on a continuous basis. Any identified data exposure is then confirmed and reported to customers asap.

Data Trust

  1. Attestation: Data Theorem provides 3rd party attestation (Data Trust) for mobile or web properties. We have built a program where customers can provide definitive statements (theorems) on their ongoing data protection processes & procedures. These theorems are then thoroughly tested by Data Theorem and shown as deductive proofs. This theorem and proof model allows partnerships to flourish; as both firms can rest assured that an adequate data protection process is not only in place now, but also a continuous program is in place to protect data for future product releases. Request a sample Data Trust report here.