About Us

Data Theorem is a leading provider in modern application security. Its core mission is to analyze and secure any modern application anytime, anywhere. Founded in 2013, its foundation sits on 23 years of security experience from hacking (@stake, Inc.), defense (Neoteris), reverse engineering (iOS jailbreak community), to enterprise software (Cisco, Juniper).

Data Theorem is located in the heart of Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, CA) with offices in Paris, France, and New York. Our leaders have published six security research books and led over $4B USD security acquisitions.

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We secure today's modern applications

Empowering companies with secure code, such as TrustKit, allows organizations to build safer applications that maximize data protection. We accelerates security, loves automation, and trusts data. Building and scaling our technology and our teams with an entrepreneurial spirit makes us a challenging, creative, and rewarding place to work.

Data Theorem is built on the belief that people make better decisions with better data. As a modern security company, we strive to empower our teams and our customers to focus on work that is creative, rewarding, important, and strategic. And everything else needs to be automated away by powerful software.

We saw many incumbent security companies using a variety of support, marketing and sales tactics to make up for shortcomings in their technologies. However, we saw an opportunity to build a different kind of security company with four guiding principles: acceleration, automation, data and an entrepreneurial spirit. These guiding principles are expressed by the products we build, the people inside our company, and the way we strive to help customers.

The company has detected more than 5 billion application incidents and currently secures more than 25,000 modern applications for its Enterprise customers around the world.



DevOps and agile development have accelerated the pace at which software is designed and deployed in production environments. Those teams have become indispensable to any digital business. However, many security teams have not kept pace with this rate of change. AppSec technologies designed for traditional software development and IT deployments create friction and headaches for modern application teams. We accelerates security to keep up with DevOps.


Automating manual tasks allows people to focus on work that is important and strategic to their businesses. Teams that drive automation often are force multipliers within their organizations. As a result, we help customers automate all aspects of AppSec analysis, discovery, inspection, and protection to force multiply their security efforts. Data Theorem loves that automation makes our customers’ lives better.


Better decisions are tied to having better data. At the center of our company, we look to make data-driven decisions that help ourselves and our customers. When we ask customers what they value most about Data Theorem, they often respond that it’s the data insights about their own applications that our products give them. We believe better data leads to better decisions for enterprise security.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Doing work that is creative and rewarding is the fuel that powers most entrepreneurs. Working hard and being smart are both necessary but not enough to reach our full potential. We seek talented people who have the ambition to want to start their own companies and encourage them to grow those skills with the Data Theorem team. We believe talented people with an entrepreneurial spirit consistently go beyond their own limits to deliver amazing results.