Asset Discovery

What is it?

Traditional asset discovery and inventory tools make it needlessly difficult to create and maintain a comprehensive and accurate inventory of the application security stack in real time. Since modern applications are updated very frequently, the risk and inefficiency of finding hidden assets is no longer a viable solution.

Traditional asset discovery and inventory tools:

  • Are blind to many devices and asset details, and cannot identify that private data is being shared.
  • Are not resilient to small changes in the environment, and struggle to track off-premise assets.
  • Are not tracking all of the APIs created to be sure that critical data is kept private and secure.

How we do it?

Data Theorem automates the discovery process of every internet-facing asset and exposure and raising your overall security posture. By maintaining consistent visibility into the entire AppSec stack, Data Theorem provides a current, accurate inventory of assets and the ability to investigate assets at the individual level, or to leverage a big-picture view of your stack as a whole.

This automated visibility of all assets helps teams:

  • Establish a holistic view of all application security assets, including domains, web and mobile applications, certificates, network services, hosts, cloud apps, and more.
  • Provide a clear and actionable understanding of the ways that mobile and web applications connect with APIs and cloud assets.
  • Scan enterprise-scale application environments quickly to identify new or shadow assets as soon as they appear.

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