Web Secure

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Full-Stack Web App Hacking

Web Secure is a full-stack product for web application testing. Analyze web applications built on modern application stacks, such as React, GraphQL, Angular, Vue, etc., which are known as Single Page Web Apps (SPAs).

Go deeper by testing embedded APIs as well as underlying cloud resources. Furthermore, execute your own hacking with Data Theorem’s Hack toolkits, which are designed to exploit vulnerabilities across the application stack. Take your web security program into the modern era with approaches not offered by traditional web scanners.

The Modern Attack Surface

Web Secure works out-of-the-box by inventorying your web landscape to reveal all building blocks across your application, including Web, API, & Cloud stacks.

Introduction to Web Secure

(8 minutes)

Data Theorem’s Web Secure product analyzes and protects single page applications (SPA), their embedded APIs, and underlying cloud resources.

“It is important to reassert that this trend of having web applications as the vector of these attacks is not going away. This is associated with the shift of valuable data to the cloud, including email accounts and business-related processes.”
Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report

Get Results in Minutes

Not only does Data Theorem search through SPAs found on the web, it also searches all backend APIs and underlying cloud resources. The analyzer engine results will differentiate between first- party and third-party APIs.

Take action with recommended remediation steps and/or auto- remediation policies to fix problems immediately.

More Than Traditional Web DAST

A modern web application goes beyond just the client layer and utilizes hundreds of APIs as hooks to the cloud. Data Theorem’s Analyzer Engine continuously scans all layers of your full stack application while providing visibility to security issues and privacy flaws within. Web Secure alerts developers with insights on every major web attack vector or vulnerability in minutes.