Media Coverage

September 2023
API Security’s Role in Protecting Retail Cloud Apps
Security Boulevard, September 12, 2023
The Importance of API Security for Protecting Financial Cloud Apps
Fintech Weekly, September 11, 2023
August 2023
Shadow APIs and Zombie APIs are Common in Every Organizations’ Growing API Attack Surface
Cybersecurity Insiders, August 28, 2023
Black Hat Fireside Chat: How to achieve API security — as AI-boosted attacks intensify
Security Boulevard, August 28, 2023
Black Hat Fireside Chat: How to achieve API security
The Last Watchdog, August 28, 2023
10 Min Audio Podcast: Steps forward in securing APIs
The Securitist: Byron Acohido, August 26, 2023
Black Hat insights: Generative AI begins seeping into the security platforms that will carry us forward
Security Boulevard, August 13, 2023
July 2023
Steps Forward: Can ‘CNAPP’ solutions truly unify cloud, on-premises best cybersecurity practices?
Security Boulevard, July 17, 2023
How to protect your organization from software APIs that can either drive or ruin business success
Security InfoWatch, July 7, 2023
How to protect your organization from software APIs that can either drive or ruin business success
Security Info Watch, July 7, 2023
May 2023
The Role of SBOMs in Software Supply Chain Security, May 23, 2023
Despite DevOps, Software Supply Chain Security Challenges Persist, May 18, 2023
Data Theorem selected to present at Apidays New York this week
AI Tech Park, May 16, 2023
Organizations Increase Attack Surface by Changing APIs Too Often
Internet Telephony, May 8, 2023
The Rise in SBOM Adoption and How They Can Effectively Improve Software Supply Chain Security Programs
Cybersecurity Insiders, May 5, 2023
Endpoint Security and Network Monitoring News for the Week of May 5; OTORIO, Palo Alto Networks, Data Theorem, and More
Solutions Review, May 5, 2023
How to Use ASPM to Improve CSPM
Security Boulevard, May 5, 2023
Top API vulnerabilities organizations can’t afford to ignore
Help Net Security, May 4, 2023
API security incidents impact most organizations
SC Magazine, May 3, 2023
75% of Organizations Update APIs on a Daily or Weekly Basis, Says Data Theorem
Read IT Quik, May 2, 2023
Protecting changing API attack surface proving a challenge
Security Brief Asia, May 2, 2023
API Security Takes Center Stage - Key Insights from RSA 2023
Cybersecurity Insiders, May 1, 2023
Enterprise Strategy Group Research Reveals 75% of Organizations Change or Update APIs on a Daily or Weekly Basis
Dark Reading, May 1, 2023
Report shows 92% of orgs experienced an API security incident last year
Venture Beat, May 1, 2023
April 2023
Data Theorem wins big for API and cloud security solutions
Security Brief Asia, April 25, 2023
Data Theorem Products Win Multiple Govies Government Security Awards
AI Tech Park, April 11, 2023
March 2023
Why API Security Should Be Your First Step in Protecting Your Cloud Apps
CPO (Chief Privacy Officer) Magazine, March 27, 2023
Data Theorem Named a Representative Vendor in 2023 Gartner report
AI Tech Park, March 22, 2023
February 2023
AppLovin: Managing risk and growing the global app ecosystem
Manufacturing Digital, February 28, 2023
January 2023
9 API security tools on the frontlines of cybersecurity
CSO Online, January 26, 2023
AppLovin: Managing Risk and Growing the Global App Ecosystem
Cyber, January 24, 2023
IT Teams Should Know CNAPP Starts With the Apps
Security Boulevard, January 18, 2023
December 2022
Five 2023 Cybersecurity Predictions
Cyber Security Insiders, December 7, 2022
November 2022
Stopping Data Exfiltration with Cloud XDR from Data Theorem
Gestalt IT, November 28, 2022
Data Theorem partners with AppOmni to extend SaaS security
Security Brief Asia, November 23, 2022
Data Theorem Announces New Partnership with AppOmni to Enhance Overall Application Security Posture Management
AI Technology Insights, November 22, 2022
Data Theorem collaborates with AppOmni to strengthen application security posture management for enterprises
HelpNet Security, November 19, 2022
Data Theorem, AppOmni to Enhance Application Security Management
Channel Vision Magazine, November 18, 2022
Data Theorem, AppOmni Partner for App Security Posture Mgmt (ASPM)
MSSP Alert, November 18, 2022
Partnership – XDR and Cloud Services: Data Theorem and AlphaSOC
Channel E2E, November 10, 2022
News of the Week: Data Theorem and AlphaSOC
Solutions Review, November 10, 2022
Data Theorem and AlphaSOC join forces to protect customers against data exfiltration
HelpNet Security, November 10, 2022
Data Theorem, AlphaSOC Partner to Offer Cloud XDR
Channel Vision Mag, November 9, 2022
October 2022
Data Theorem Honored for API Security
AI Tech Park, October 21, 2022
September 2022
CNAPP buyers guide: Top tools compared
CSO Online, September 13, 2022
Supply Chain Secure Wins Product of the Year
Channel Vision, September 8, 2022
August 2022
Cloud Security Frameworks: Clarity vs Confusion - Doug Dooley
Security Weekly, August 29, 2022
Modern APIs Need a Different Security Approach
Security Boulevard, August 4, 2022
July 2022
Top 10 CyberSecurity Startups Making Space in the Digital World
Analytics Insight, July 31, 2022
June 2022
The Age of Software Supply Chain Disruption, June 23, 2022
The ASM Landscape Is Shifting Under Our Feet — As Are The Acronyms
Forrester, June 2, 2022
Infosec products of the month: May 2022
HelpNet Security, June 1, 2022
May 2022
Data Theorem Named ‘Visionary’ in 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant
Channel Vision Magazine, May 31, 2022
Cloud Security Confusion: Which Frameworks Actually Help?
National Interest, May 23, 2022
Data Theorem Launches Industry’s First Attack Surface Management Solution - Supply Chain Secure
IT Security Demand, May 9, 2022
New infosec products of the week: May 6, 2022
HelpNet Security, May 6, 2022
Data Theorem Launches Industry’s First Software Supply Chain Attack Surface Management Product
Enterprise IT World, May 5, 2022
Data Theorem launches "industry first" attack surface management solution - SCS
Security Brief Asia, May 5, 2022
Data Theorem Unveils Supply Chain Attack Surface Product
Channel Vision Magazine, May 5, 2022
Data Theorem launches attack surface management product that identifies 3P assets & appsec violations
Venture Beat, May 5, 2022
Data Theorem Supply Chain Secure identifies third-party vulnerabilities across the application software stack
HelpNet Security, May 5, 2022
New attack surface management product takes full-stack aim at software supply chain threats
CSO ONLINE, May 4, 2022
Data Theorem launches Supply Chain Secure
AI Tech Park, May 4, 2022
April 2022
Data Theorem Provides Security Notices for Apps on AWS Hub
Channel Vision, April 4, 2022
Data Theorem offers security notifications within AWS Security Hub to prevent data breaches
HelpNet Security, April 2, 2022
February 2022
How do I select an API security solution for my business?
HelpNet Security, February 17, 2022
Taking a DevSecOps Approach to API Security, February 2, 2022
January 2022
Data Privacy Day: They really are after your personal data
The Cyber Wire, January 28, 2022
Data Privacy Day: Privacy as a business imperative
The Cyber Wire, January 27, 2022
API Security (Shadow APIs) explained by Himanshu Dwivedi
Security Weekly, January 24, 2022
Data Theorem’s API Attack Surface Calculator bags an award
AI Tech Park, January 13, 2022
Data Theorem API Attack Surface Calculator Earns CyberSecured Award
Yahoo!Finance, January 12, 2022
December 2021
Why DevSecOps offers the 'most transformative' approach to application security
Venture Beat, December 27, 2021
ROUNDTABLE: What happened in privacy and cybersecurity in 2021 and what’s coming in 2022
Security Boulevard, December 27, 2021
Top 10 Tips to Secure Your APIs
IT Business Net, December 3, 2021
November 2021
5 tips for reducing false positive security alerts
CSO Online, November 30, 2021
Data Theorem Develops Active Protection Suite for Application Stacks
Data Mation, November 22, 2021
Data Theorem Launches Active Protection Suite with Runtime Defense
Channel Vision Magazine, November 18, 2021
VMblog Expert Interview: Data Theorem Explores Launch of Its Latest Active Protection Suite
VMBlog, November 11, 2021
Data Theorem Releases Industry’s First Active Protection Suite with Observability and Runtime Defense
Infosecurity Outlook, November 11, 2021
Data Theorem Adds Runtime Protection Enabled by Observability, November 11, 2021
Data Theorem Active Protection secures modern application stacks
HelpNet Security, November 11, 2021
Q&A: Data Theorem Explores Launch of Its Latest Active Protection Suite
CloudCow.Com, November 10, 2021
API Attack Surface Calculator: Infosec products of the month (Oct 2021)
HelpNet Security, November 1, 2021
October 2021
Data Theorem Introduces Industry's First API Attack Surface Calculator
American Security Today, October 30, 2021
API Attack Surface Calculator: Infosec products of the week
HelpNet Security, October 29, 2021
Data Theorem Launches API Attack Surface Calculator
Programmable Web, October 28, 2021
Data Theorem unveils API Attack Surface Calculator to secure APIs from potential exposures
HelpNet Security, October 27, 2021
Free Tool Helps Security Teams Measure Their API Attack Surface
Dark Reading, October 26, 2021
September 2021
10 top API security testing tools
CSO Online, September 23, 2021
Data Theorem’s Analyzer Engine Delivers Unified AppSec Support Across Apple Devices
Channel Vision Magazine, September 7, 2021
Notable Apps and Updates: Data Theorem MacOS M1 support
Apple World Today, September 2, 2021
August 2021
5 minutes with Doug Dooley - Full-stack application attacks
Security Magazine, August 24, 2021
Data Theorem Returns to Compete in 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program
American Security Today, August 21, 2021
Black Hat insights: All-powerful developers begin steering to the promise land of automated security
Security Blvd, August 4, 2021
Black Hat Interview: How API exposures are fueling 'full-stack' network attacks
Last Watchdog, August 3, 2021
July 2021
Global API Security Software Market Report Future Prospects, Growth, Outlook and Forecast 2021-2026
Market Primes, July 22, 2021
Modern Application Security Leader Data Theorem Receives Award
AI Tech Park, July 21, 2021
Single page web applications and how to keep them secure
HelpNetSecurity, July 2, 2021
Mobile AppSec Testing Tools Market Expectation Surges with Rising Demand and Changing Trends
The Courier, July 1, 2021
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