Using Data Theorem's modern application security platform, our customers have been able to scale their application security for today's development models. Our customers cover over 2.8 billion users and include 5 of the top 7 largest banks.


Knowing that Data Theorem continuously discovers, tests, and protects our APIs is important to us. We want to ensure that our customers are in a secure ecosystem, and Data Theorem’s platform of our APIs is an important part of our software security testing program. In addition to their security , which is industry leading, the team there is a great partner to work with. Data Theorem is extremely focused on making their customers successful and this goes beyond their product, which is itself world class.

Michael Machado
Chief Security Officer
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With Data Theorem, we have continuous security testing in place for all of our apps in the app stores with security discovery and inspection across our modern APIs.

Rich Tener
Head of Security
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Data Theorem is a cornerstone of our security compliance practices in a highly regulated environment. With Data Theorem we have never failed a security review.

Keith Jaeger
Chief Technology Officer
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The value of the platform has increased over time. We went from ‘Why do we need this’ to 'We really need this’. It has become increasingly invaluable to the teams and continually challenges us to improve our security posture.

Joe Szabo
Director of Security and Operations
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Eko Health

We look forward to Data Theorem’s continued push into API, Web, and Cloud security to give us security visibility into our entire stack.

Daniel Barbosa
Machine Learning Engineer
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Cisco Duo

No one is harder to impress with your security technology than another security company.

Jon Oberheide
CTO and Co-founder
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The attack surface of cloud-native applications is increasing. Attackers are targeting the misconfiguration of cloud infrastructure (network, compute, storage, identities and permissions), APIs and the software supply chain itself. CNAPP offerings bring together multiple disparate security and protection capabilities into a single platform focused on identifying and prioritizing excessive risk of the entire cloud-native application and its associated infrastructure.

Neil MacDonald
Gartner Fellow
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At Cvent, we continually deliver innovative products for our customers and we needed a solution that could embed in the mobile SDLC for early identification of security vulnerabilities. Data Theorem ensured to meet our requirements. Implementation was pretty straightforward with no complexity.

Vishal Junnarkar
Manager, Application Security
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Security is mission critical for our customers. I know first-hand that no matter the size of an organization, DataTheorem can support the security challenges of any mobile application development team. Since our first mobile app deployment in 2019, our mobile development team has been extremely grateful for the efficiency of their security testing and vulnerability discovery methodology — otherwise, to write code and deploy mobile applications without DataTheorem would be like walking onto a battlefield without a helmet, flak vest, weapon, and no trench to hide in.

Mark Willis
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