Using Data Theorem’s modern application security platform, our customers have been able to scale their application security for today’s development models.

Our customers cover over 2.8 billion users and include 5 of the top 7 largest banks.

When Security is Your Business, You Better Get It Right

“No one is harder to impress
with your security technology than another security company.”

Securing the Mobile and API Connected Work Space

Data Theorem helped Evernote identify and close 105 security issues and remove 17 harmful third-party libraries, all before releasing them to the public app stores.

Modern AppSec
for the Entertainment and DevOps Leader

How Data Theorem helps Netflix secure its mobile applications by automating the AppSec process.

Secure Virtual Work Platforms for Remote and Hybrid Workforces

"DataTheorem can support the security challenges of any mobile application development team."

Managing Credit Union AppSec Compliance

Data Theorem helps Provident enforce their security policies for their banking app, managed by their 3rd party vendor.

100% Security

“With DataTheorem
we have never failed
a security review.”

Creating Secure Apps for Modern Events

Data Theorem helps Cvent accelerate the vulnerability management process for their clients' global apps.

“Knowing that
Data Theorem
constantly scans
and secures all of
our mobile apps
gives us tremendous
peace of mind.”

Faster, Secure Recruiting Apps for the Fortune 100

Data Theorem helps Thrive extend
their API security to the cloud and enforce governance.