Secure Virtual Work Platforms for Remote and Hybrid Workforces

Data Theorem helps Bluescape developers automate the myriad of AppSec tests to keep up with the pace of development.



Percentage of Apps Scanned from the very first release


Critical flaws (P1 issues from the very first release)


Closed issues in one year


Delays avoided from App/Play Store security requirements

Bluescape creates a digital workplace where employees can collaborate no matter where they are located or what tools they are already using. By creating virtual workspaces or war rooms, Bluescape allows you and your colleagues to interact with each other around any app or content, and see it all together, side by side, from anywhere. The goal is simple: to make true collaboration more possible and drive faster, more well-informed decisions.

The Challenge

Bluescape mobile applications are updated frequently, and therefore Bluescape needed an application security solution that could match the pace of each release. Ideally, Bluescape wanted a solution that would not only find traditional security defects but also mobile-specific security issues that developers may not be aware of, but yet they would still need to address. The need for a modern application security platform that keeps pace with Bluescape’s product breadth, AWS-backend scalability, and overall speed had been a big challenge.

Past Alternatives

Before Data Theorem, Bluescape relied on their internal security team for mobile application security testing. Bluescape selected DataTheorem as a means to optimize the DevOps environment at Bluescape where automation and ease-of-use are needed. Instead of hiring security specialists for each product platform, Bluescape connected with Data Theorem. Data Theorem’s overall approach focuses on helping Bluescape mobile developers quickly by giving them secure code samples and automating the myriad of tests that application security researchers often apply to an audit and assessment program. These results in turn are examined as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that feed into the Bluescape Mobile Application Security Program as that meets on a monthly basis.

“Security is mission critical for our customers. I know first-hand that no matter the size of an organization, DataTheorem can support the security challenges of any mobile application development team. Since our first mobile app deployment in 2019, our mobile development team has been extremely grateful for the efficiency of their security testing and vulnerability discovery methodology — otherwise, to write code and deploy mobile applications without DataTheorem would be like walking onto a battlefield without a helmet, flak vest, weapon, and no trench to hide in.”

Mark Willis
CISO, Bluescape

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Bluescape is a global leader in Virtual Work Platforms that spans multiple industries and business sectors. With over 250 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, Bluescape addresses the needs of remote and hybrid workforces in the next decade and beyond.