Data Theorem Named an Industry Leader in API Security and Management by Industry Analyst Firm KuppingerCole

API Secure Product Earns Highest Possible Scores for Security, Functionality, Deployment, Usability, Innovativeness, and Ecosystem

Palo Alto, Calif.

Data Theorem, Inc., a leading provider of modern application security, today announced that it has been named as an Industry Leader in API Security and Management by leading industry analyst firm KuppingerCole, in its Leadership Compass report published earlier this month. The report provides an evaluation of the 39 most significant providers in the API security market. It examines the market segment, vendor service functionality, relative market share, and innovative approaches to providing API security and management to help organizations find the solution that best meets their needs.

“It is rewarding for Data Theorem to be named an industry leader in API security and management, and to be recognized as the leading pure-play API security vendor in this space,” said Doug Dooley, COO at Data Theorem. “Data Theorem uniquely protects organizations’ API attack surfaces – whether embedded in their client-facing applications, on-premise datacenters, or their cloud infrastructure services – due to the benefits of our award-winning Analyzer Engine. KuppingerCole has validated Data Theorem’s unique agentless API protection approach that does not need an inline network proxy, and delivers superior protection without the deployment friction and on-going expenses associated with agents and firewalls. API Secure enables organizations to conduct continuous, automated security inspection, application telemetry collection, and run-time protection of their most important cloud-native applications.”

“Not all companies covered in our report are direct competitors,” said Alexei Balaganski, Lead Analyst and Chief Technology Officer at KuppingerCole. “Data Theorem’s large partner ecosystem enables a broad range of technology integrations with gateway, cloud, application security, CI/CD, and other providers. This factor is a major contribution for the company being highly ranked. Its API Secure, the company’s dedicated API solution, is designed to maintain a dynamic inventory of all customers’ APIs, perform vulnerability assessments of each one, and remediate security issues within the CI pipeline. The company views API security as an integral part of software supply chain risk management and thus focuses on covering 3rd party APIs as a risk that traditional SCA solutions fail to address.”

In addition to being named an overall Industry Leader, Data Theorem was also named a leader in the Product Leadership Category, the Innovation Category, and the Market Leadership Category. In the report’s product rating, API Secure earned the highest possible scores for security, functionality, deployment, and usability. For the report’s vendor rating, Data Theorem earned the highest possible scores for innovativeness and ecosystem. A complimentary copy of the KuppingerCole API Security and Management Leadership Compass report is available from the Data Theorem website at

“Fueled by widely publicized large-scale data breaches and new compliance regulations in various industries, the overall awareness of API security risks and challenges continues to rise. Pure play API security vendors that reach $1B market valuation are a reality now,” added Balaganski. “Both API management and API security markets experienced strong growth in recent years, driven by massive increases in API adoption across all industries combined with an ongoing pressure of security and compliance risks that these APIs are exposed to…API discovery and security monitoring solutions continue to be the most popular class of products offered on the API security market, but solutions addressing other phases of the API lifecycle are growing in popularity.”

According to the report, “The (Data Theorem) product offers a multitude of methods for discovering APIs across various environments, from probing customers’ public infrastructure to reverse-engineering web and mobile apps and code analysis to connecting to cloud accounts, CI/CD pipelines, etc. The consolidated API inventory is constantly updated and classified according to multiple criteria like location, purpose, PII exposure, usage, etc. Newly discovered or changed shadow APIs will generate instant alerts.”

KuppingerCole also provided additional vendor comparisons through Correlated Views – analysis that correlates various leadership categories and delivers an additional level of information and insight. Data Theorem was named a:

  • Market Champion – A Correlated View that contrasts Product Leadership and Market Leadership.
  • Technology Leader – A Correlated View that shows how Product Leadership and Innovation Leadership are correlated.
  • Innovation Leader – A Correlated View that shows how Innovation Leadership and Market Leadership are related.

According to KuppingerCole, “In a sense, API security has long become an industry of its own; with the scope of risks and challenges the industry confronts growing exponentially, API security solutions have to expand their coverage and grow in complexity themselves. Providing comprehensive protection against the broad range of API-specific threats and doing it consistently throughout the whole lifecycle of an API is complex. Understanding the business logic behind those APIs and adapting the protection accordingly is even more complicated. Our approach is to emphasize the growing prevalence of API security solutions over traditional (some might say “old school”) API management products.”

Data Theorem’s API Secure product inventories and hacks all APIs so it can remediate security issues within the CI pipeline. The solution is highly differentiated in the industry with its unique agentless API protection capabilities that do not require deployment of an inline network proxy. It leverages the company’s Analyzer Engine which continuously discovers vulnerabilities in multi-cloud and on-premise environments, and provides critical alerts and remediation solutions in real time.

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Data Theorem is a leading provider of modern application security, helping customers prevent AppSec data breaches. Its products focus on API security, cloud (serverless apps, CSPM, CWPP, CNAPP), mobile apps (iOS and Android), and web apps (single-page apps). Its core mission is to analyze and secure any modern application anytime, anywhere. The award-winning Data Theorem Analyzer Engine continuously analyzes APIs, Web, Mobile, and Cloud applications in search of security flaws and data privacy gaps. The company has detected more than 5 billion application incidents and currently secures more than 25,000 modern applications for its enterprise customers around the world.