iOS Engineer: Observability SDK

As an iOS engineer, you will be responsible for improving Data Theorem's iOS SDK, which provides observability and run-time defense to iOS applications.

You will:

  • Work with the mobile team to extend and improve Data Theorem's observability and protection SDK.

  • Work with the design, backend and frontend teams to enhance the dashboard used by customers to review the observability and protection metrics collected by the SDK from their mobile applications.

  • Research and build new capabilities within the SDK, in order to provide customers with new and unique insights about the security of their mobile applications.

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Significant experience working on iOS SDKs or applications.

  • Good understanding of the iOS runtime.

  • Bonus points: Some experience writing scripts in Python.

  • No information security experience required - we are more interested in software engineering backgrounds.

About This Job

Palo Alto, CA or Paris, France or London, UK

Job type


Experience level

Senior, Lead


iOS Engineer: Observability SDK


iOS, objective-c, swift, SDK

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