Lead Python Backend Engineer

As a lead Python backend engineer, you will be responsible for implementing web services, libraries and tools in Python, in order to automate the security analysis of mobile, cloud and web applications, at scale. We help thousands of developers and security engineers discover, understand, and fix security and privacy issues affecting their applications.

You will:

  • Implement web services using Python, and deploy them to Google Cloud using modern technologies such as Cloud Functions and Cloud Run.

  • Collaborate with the design team and the frontend team to build new customer-facing UIs and flows for security analysis and automation.

  • Contribute to our scanning platform, which is able to scan millions of mobile, web, and cloud assets every day to validate their security.

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • 8+ years of software engineering experience.

  • Significant experience implementing web services and APIs in Python.

  • Familiarity with modern practices and tools for developing in Python (testing frameworks, type annotations, etc.).

  • Bonus points: experience with Google Cloud, Cloud Run, PostgreSQL, or Firestore.

About This Job

Palo Alto, CA or Paris, France or London, UK

Job type


Experience level

Senior, Lead


Lead Python Backend Engineer


Python, Google Cloud Platform, automation, security, web-services

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