Python Backend / Automation Engineer

Job Description

The position is based in Paris, France where you will be joining Data Theorem’s Paris engineering office. The work atmosphere will be very relaxed, but your work and contributions will have a tremendous *and* direct impact on the company.

The main responsibility for this position is to implement web services and tools in Python in order to improve and extend our technology for scanning mobile Apps and domains for security/privacy issues.

We want to make each step faster, better and more scalable, so we can help developers quickly detect, understand and fix security issues affecting their mobile Apps.

Our tools and web services are written in Python, and most of them are running on Google Cloud (mainly App Engine).

Everyday Work

We have a diverse range of very interesting projects, which will require the right engineer for this role to have an interest in both computer security, and the mobile ecosystems.

Examples of projects include:

  • Building a new REST Web service from scratch and deploying it to Google Cloud.

  • Building a Python client to connect to a Web API that is private/undocumented (ie. requiring first to be reverse-engineered).

  • Extending our mobile application scanners to add new security checks and features.

  • Analyzing the memory usage of a Python library we developed, to figure out why it is using too much memory and perhaps find memory leaks.

Skills & Requirements
  • Significant experience implementing web services and APIs in Python.

  • Experience with both Python 2 and 3, and good understanding of the differences.

  • Experience with test-driven development and frameworks/technologies to test Python applications or web services.

  • Bonus points: experience writing code for one mobile platform (iOS, Android).

  • No computer/information security experience required - we are more interested in software engineering backgrounds.

About This Job

Palo Alto, CA or Paris, France

Job type


Experience level

Junior, Mid-Level, Senior


Backend Developer


Python, Google Cloud Platform, automation, security, web-services

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