Start Protecting Your Apps

Pen-test your APIs, Web (Single page web/SPAs), Cloud, and Mobile apps (pre-prod and production) to reveal vulnerabilities in your full AppSec stack, and assess what is most vulnerable.

Once you understand your current application vulnerabilities and have an inventory of all of your current application assets (API, Web, Cloud, and Mobile), you will have better visibility into what you need to do to protect yourself from potential threats.

Get discovery report on your apps:

The Data Theorem Analyzer Engine will start by providing a summary of your applications (API, Web, Cloud, and Mobile). It will then run a series of static, dynamic, and behavioral analyses, accounting for both backend APIs as well as third-party code. The report will then demonstrate how we can integrate with your preferred developers tools like Jenkins and JIRA to enable you to take action quickly with triaged vulnerability alerts, reports, and secure code suggestions for quick remediation.