Scan & Secure Your Mobile Apps on the App Store/Google Play

  1. Automate the SDLC for Mobile Application Security: Scan & Secure your iOS & Android apps on the App Store/Google Play with static, dynamic, and application logic scans. Integrate continual testing on both pre-production and production releases within seconds, publishing issues and secure code (remediation) to developer bug systems.

Scan Internal/3rd Party Apps on Employee Devices

  1. OpenScan: Continuously scan internal and 3rd party apps on employee devices, enumerating security issues & data protection gaps for enterprise assets classified as sensitive, confidential, and/or regulated.

Takedown App Clones on Any App Store

  1. CloneWatch: Real time monitoring & alerts when your apps have been cloned and published onto Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store for Android, Windows Mobile, and hundreds of other 3rd party app stores throughout the world.

Detect TLS Abuse on Your Apps

  1. TrustKit: Real time monitoring, alerts, and analysis when users of your apps are experiencing “spying” attacks (SSL Man-in-the-Middle). Detailed data such as location of the spying, network name, and number of affected users are all available.