Good security finds problems fast, but great security makes problems disappear. Data Theorem strives to make great products that automate the most challenging areas of modern application security.

Data Theorem's Product Suite Simplified

Automated hacking and full application stack discovery that protects your data.

Mobile Secure

Mobile Secure is an automated, continuous security service that finds vulnerabilities and data privacy issues within mobile (iOS and Android) apps, shortening time to resolution with secure code recommendations.

API Secure

API Secure is an automated, continuous security service that tracks all of your modern APIs, discovers “Shadow APIs”, generates policy-based alerts, and auto-remediates critical security issues in the cloud.

Web Secure

Web Secure is an automated, continuous security service that analyzes single page web applications, their embedded APIs, as well as underlying cloud resources. It's the industry's first full stack web analyzer.

Cloud Secure

Cloud Secure is an automated, continuous security service that combines attack surface management and defensive protections for cloud-native applications and serverless functions. This is the industry's first app-aware cloud security product.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Secure is an automated, continuous security service that delivers dynamic vendor management across any first party application while identifying third party assets and services. This is the industry's first ASM supply chain security product.

Data Theorem Technology

The core of Data Theorem is its Analyzer Engine. Utilize the Data Theorem analyzer engine & proprietary attack tools to hack and exploit application weaknesses continuously. Data Theorem has built the top open source SDK called TrustKit, used by thousands of developers. Our technology ecosystem continues to grow so that customers can continue to secure their entire Appsec stack with ease.

Analyzer Engine

The Data Theorem Analyzer Engine continuously scans mobile and web applications, APIs, and cloud resources in search of security flaws and data privacy gaps. It reveals your vulnerable assets in minutes, removing the need for any additional services such as consultants or manual pen testers. We enforce policies and run compliance testing through your build pipeline to help you avoid fines and always be aware of leaky data.


TrustKit is a free open-source software development kit (SDK) and the industry’s first solution to significantly ease the equipping of mobile applications with SSL pinning, enabling them to encrypt all communications, actively stop eavesdropping and block SSL man-in- the-middle (MiTM) attacks. In addition to the SDK, Data Theorem also provides a free (non-open-source) analytics dashboard for every application that uses the TrustKit SDK.

Technology Ecosystem

Create your Data Theorem account direct through AWS Marketplace or Google Cloud Marketplace. We provide an agentless SaaS solution, integrating with cloud infrastructure accounts.

Meet the Data Theorem Product Suite

Inside Data Theorem’s Mobile AppSec Program
(5 minutes)

Find out how Data Theorem’s automated mobile AppSec program works faster and more securely for your security and DevOps teams. Get results in minutes, learn to remediate faster, and have access to compliance reporting 24/7.

Introduction to API Secure
(5 minutes)

Identify your entire attack surface by hacking your APIs, help you find shadow APIs, and better prepare you for securing your data.

Introduction to Web Secure
(8 minutes)

Data Theorem’s Web Secure product analyzes and protects single page applications (SPA), their embedded APIs, and underlying cloud resources.

It can take businesses up to 6 months to detect a data breach.

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