App Search

App Search is an easy-to-use search tool with an automated app tracking service that can find, analyze, and alert on over 5 million published mobile applications across the apps stores from Apple and Google. This service provides security ratings based on a wide variety of application protection features.

The Data Theorem Analyzer Engine has the ability to verify security features have been designed into applications and properly implemented. This service can rank a customer’s most important third-party mobile applications based on security ratings and stay on top of the changes to those applications as they get updated and published to their app stores.

The App Search service:
  • Provides an easy-to-use search tool across 5+ million published mobile apps
  • Delivers security ratings based on application security and protection features
  • Ranks third-party mobile applications based on security rating criteria
  • Promotes applications with high security ratings and privacy protection capabilities
  • Alerts when security ratings decrease on tracked applications

Customers benefit from getting a continuous security assessment and a security rating score of third-party mobile applications. Customers often have sensitive and regulated data stored and transmitted within these third-party applications, yet they have little to no insight on the security posture and features of these applications. This service provides new insights on the breadth and depth of the proactive security measures being designed and implemented into their most important third-party mobile applications.

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Securing Mobile Healthcare Apps

Data Theorem helped Wildflower identify and close 73 security issues and remove 11 harmful third-party libraries, all before releasing them to the public app stores.