Brand Protect

Brand Protect is an automated crawler service that finds unauthorized, fraudulent, and/or maliciously cloned mobile applications. This service automates the discovery of applications published to third-party app stores primarily in international markets outside the US that can damage the brand of our customers. The Data Theorem Analyzer Engine performs dynamic run-time analysis on these unauthorized applications.

Based on the analyzer results, these applications are categorized based on whether or not the application has been changed from its original version. This service will automate the take-down process by notifying each app store owner why the application must be taken down. Once the application has been removed, the customer will be alerted of the successful removal from the store.

The Brand Protect service:
  • Discovers unauthorized, fraudulent, and/or maliciously cloned mobile applications
  • Automates the take-down process to lessen the potential brand damage
  • Reports on the category type for each app based on dynamic run-time analysis
  • Alerts customers once the unauthorized application has been removed

Customers benefit from continuous and automated protection of their brands as they extend to mobile app usage. Outside of the US, the growth in smartphones is dominated by Android and non-Google App Stores have become a substantial means of finding and distributing Android applications. The global impact of a brand when misused and misrepresented could have significant financial downsides to the company particularly as customers expand their reach into international markets. This automated service protects the brands of our customers on mobile.

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