Cloud Secure

Cloud Secure is an automated, continuous security service that combines CNAPP + AppSec capabilities across all of your multi-cloud (public and private) assets. Monitors your cloud configs (CSPM) against audit/compliance policies, identifies vulnerabilities (SAST/DAST/SCA/IaC) in your code repositories, and helps to prevent data breaches and exploits with attack path analysis across APIs, cloud services, and software supply chains.


Cloud Secure is a full-stack application-centric CNAPP offering that:

  • Monitors - cloud security posture management (CSPM), continuous asset discovery, vulnerability assesments (SAST/DAST/SCA/IaC), and cloud identity and entitlement management (CIEM).
  • Hacks - innovative Hacker Toolkits that deliver daily updates on security vulnerabilities and exploits that can lead to external attacks and data breaches in your clouds.
  • Protects - runtime protections designed to prevent data breaches across cloud-native APIs and applications using Data Theorem's SDK libraries. Agentless and without the use of in-line network gateways to block traffic.
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Using the underlying Analyzer Engine, Cloud Secure continously discovers and publishes an inventory of all cloud assets including APIs, containers, databases, storage, serverless, and secrets management. CSPM, KSPM, CIEM (IAM), and varity of CNAPP issues are available via dashboards and alerts.

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Hacker Toolkits allow customers to conduct automated red-team, pen-testing exercises across the various attack surfaces within their cloud-native application stack. Hacking the cloud is a powerful form of attack surface management that reduces the probability of a preventable data breach. 

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Cloud Native-Protection

Automated protections and runtime observability of cloud-native applications help customers remidate problems faster in their multi-cloud environments. Data Theorem's SDK libraries allow for real-time telemetry collection and policy-based blocking across their cloud-native APIs and applications. Unlike many competitors, the detection and prevention is done without the use of any traditional agents nor network firewalls.

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