Am I Safe?

Am I Safe is a mobile App that will protect your Android device from malware, spyware, Trojans/viruses, and other OS/network security issues. Backed by Google’s SafetyNet API and Data Theorem’s TrustKit, this App is an all-in-one solution for continuous device protection and hostile network detection. The app constantly scans your device and will you send push notifications if your device or network has been compromised, or if malware/spyware has been identified on your phone.

Via its SafetyNet API & Verify Apps, Google actively scans 50 Billion apps on a daily basis for malicious or suspicious activity, which makes it the most robust malware threat intelligence engine in the world. Data Theorem has combined Google’s threat intelligence cloud (SafetyNet) with Data Theorem’s TLS protection (TrustKit) to ensure your device & network is safe at all times (24/7/365) and free of malware. Check it out now and get the following answers:

  • Does Google think my device is safe?
  • Does Data Theorem think my network is safe?
  • Is Google’s anti-malware scanner enabled?
  • Did Google detect any harmful apps?
  • Are Apps from non-Google stores allowed?
  • Are any non-Google Play apps installed?
  • Is your device running the safest version of Android?
  • Is full disk encryption enabled?
  • Is a PIN/Password required to unlock my device?