Mobile App Protection

App Protection allows security and risk management teams to apply proactive security measures directly into mobile apps; thus, reducing the overall attack surface of the product. Protecting your apps using well known and respected security measures will not only give it a long term advantage over current & future security vulnerabilities, but will show end-users the organization’s long-term commitment to mobile application security. A sampling of the App Protection options for any iOS & Android are listed below:

  • Protection from SSL/TLS Interception
  • Encrypted Data Storage
  • Keyboard Protection
  • Malware Removal
  • Additional 25+ Proactive Security Measures

Boost Trust, Ratings & Reputation

Baking-in offensive security measures in your app will not only thwart attackers in their tracks, but also shows the level of commitment an organization has to secure end-user data. For example, are you more likely to download an app that 3 proactive security protections baked-in, or an app that claims to have zero security issues? While many app publishers are still in reactive mode (fix the bugs as they pop-up), mature programs are moving more towards proactive security for their iOS & Android apps. An offensive/proactive security approach will not only boost your firm’s reputation as it pertains to security, but will elicit stronger app reviews & ratings from the App Store & Google Play.