Mobile Application Security

Perform static & dynamic analysis on your iOS & Android applications in search of security vulnerabilities and privacy gaps. Uncover static code issues, dynamic run-time flaws, vulnerable 3rd-Party SDKs, insecure Open Source Libraries, and compliance gaps for PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, FTC, etc.

Automate the SDLC

Our platform will monitor all your mobile apps 24/7/365 in the App Store & Google Play. Daily “zero-day” scans are run in search of security P1 issues, giving developers a go/no-go decision in seconds. Each release will also undergo a real-time static and/or dynamic analysis, where developers can leverage our Secure Code, including Objective-C/Swift, Java, C#, to remediate issues as they are found. Finally, we integrate with your existing SDLC software, automating pre-prod scans with one simple step and pushing security issues straight into JIRA.