Detect TLS Abuse on Your Apps

Mobile devices join unknown & hostile networks every day, whether it be a hotel, café, mall, restaurant, or any shady network that advertises “Free Wifi”. To ensure data leveraged by your app remains safe, Data Theorem provides real time monitoring, alerts, and protection when users of your mobile apps are experiencing active attacks (e.g. SSL Man-in-the-Middle) from localized hackers, nation states, or simply aggressive for-profit companies.

Protect TLS on Your Apps

Bundle TrustKit in passive mode to see which apps are being attack via TLS; however, switch TrustKit to active mode and block TLS attacks altogether. Both of these options are free-of-charge and available now via GitHub. Detailed data such as the targeted domains, location of the attack, attack type, and number of affected users are all available free-of-charge.

View TrustKit on GitHub