Web Secure

Data Theorem Web Secure analyzes and protects traditonal and single page applications (SPA), their embedded APIs, and underlying cloud resources.

Full-Stack Web App Hacking

Web Secure is a full-stack product for web application testing. Analyze web applications built on traditional and modern application stacks, such as React, GraphQL, Angular, Vue, etc., which are known as Single Page Web Apps (SPAs).

Go deeper by testing embedded APIs as well as underlying cloud resources. Furthermore, execute your own hacking with Data Theorem’s Hacker toolkits, which are designed to exploit vulnerabilities across the application stack. Take your web security program into the modern era with approaches not offered by traditional web scanners.

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The value of the platform has increased over time. We went from ‘Why do we need this’ to 'We really need this’. It has become increasingly invaluable to the teams and continually challenges us to improve our security posture.

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Discovery and Asset Inventory

Data Theorem’s Web Secure provides a comprehensive discovery and inventory of all of your application assets. Our analyzer will automatically discover your web apps on the Internet.

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Security Testing

Data Theorem Web Secure takes an all new apporach to web app security testing. Instead of starting with automation and hoping for depth, Web Secure starts with depth then scales through automation.

What is included:

  • SAST
  • DAST
  • SCA / SBOM
  • Penetration Testing
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Agentless Protection

Web Protect starts with proactive security for your web apps with an agentless apporach for:

  • Clickjacking
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Cross Site Request Forgery
  • SQL Injection
  • Insecure Cookies and Transport
  • Weak Cryptography
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