Why Stop AppSec Data Breaches?
(24:56 minutes)

Using recent data breach examples, we define an AppSec data breach, the risks involved with 3rd party software, and how to prevent them.

How to Protect Application Attack Surfaces
Presented by Himanshu Dwivedi (17:33 minutes)

Learn how you can build a comprehensive security program that will automate key security policies across your entire data environment to receive critical alerts before your data is exposed. In this video, we share a recent example of a data leak caused by a basic misconfiguration.

Live Demo: Case Study – Provident Credit Union
(23 minutes)

Learn from our customer, Provident Credit Union, about how they manage their banking app with a 3rd party vendor, while protecting critical data.

Introduction to API Secure
(5 minutes)

Identify your entire attack surface by hacking your APIs, help you find shadow APIs, and better prepare you for securing your data.

Protect Web Apps from XSS Exploits
(22 minutes)

Arm yourself with the knowledge needed to identify a cross-site scripting attack and secure your data.

Contact Tracing 101
(14 minutes)

Learn about how contact tracing works, the proposed use of it, and how it will impact mobile privacy.

Inside Data Theorem’s Mobile AppSec Program
(5:01 minutes)

Find out how Data Theorem’s automated mobile AppSec program works faster and more securely for your security and DevOps teams. Get results in minutes, learn to remediate faster, and have access to compliance reporting 24/7.

Automated Security for DevOps
(1:27 minutes)

Data Theorem delivers automated security for DevOps, ushering in a new era of DevSecOps. This helps teams grow faster with fewer application security exposures.

Customer Case Study: Evernote
(3:20 minutes)

Data Theorem provides 100% security coverage of Evernote's entire mobile application portfolio with backend API services.

Data Theorem Interview Digital Anarchist RSA Conference 2019
with Himanshu Dwivedi and Doug Dooley (10:40 minutes)

How we help customers with their data risk from mobile to API, assisting in the devops lifecycle.

Top 6 Security Needs for APIs and Serverless Apps

On-Demand Webinar (36 min)

Securing APIs across Amazon Lambda, Google Cloud Functions and Azure Functions