What’s New In Apple iOS 12 Security and Privacy

Interested in the newest security and privacy changes on Apple iOS 12? Come explore new innovations in security that are making apps work better!

Best practices for app developers who wish to take advantage of the changes in iOS 12.

Led by Phillip Tennen of Data Theorem, this webinar explores the major changes landing this fall in Apple’s latest iOS SDK release. We examine the system-wide autofill improvements in iOS 12, how to enable them in your apps, and how it improves both user interaction and security. Additionally, we talk about how you can protect your app from a dangerous class of exploitation, object substitution attacks, by leveraging the NSSecureCoding API.

We discuss Application Transport Security policies and how to set up HTTPS exemptions to keep your app as secure as possible while retaining functionality with your services. Lastly, we go over API changes shipping this year which result in better code, and safer, more performant apps.

Watch this webinar to learn: