How to Automate API Security

White Paper
by Doug Dooley, Data Theorem COO
Start an API security framework to help avoid breaches.

According to cybersecurity experts at ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group), only 31% of companies are planning to use DevSecOps practices to interrogate and inventory their APIs. (Source: ESG Research Survey, Security for DevOps - Enterprise Survey Report, August 2019) This means that as software goes into production on a weekly, daily, and hourly basis, teams need to know if any APIs are vulnerable and be alerted to any changes in how it is being used. Teams will also need policies in place for how to analyze, remediate, solve quickly, as well as provide easy-to-access reporting for security leaders.

This whitepaper by Doug Dooley, Chief Operating Officer at Data Theorem, will deepen your knowledge about the importance of a continuous API security strategy and prescribe a framework for your team on this journey to automate your APIs and microservices.

Table of Contents