Secure user data across mobile and modern applications with solutions designed to automate and scale with today’s development models.

Mobile AppSec

Creating a security model to keep up with the development pace of mobile and modern apps is a challenge. Implement a scalable, automated security testing model leveraging a cloud-based analyzer engine.

Shadow APIs

As more applications move to modern cloud centric architectures, the increase in APIs introduces a need for new security tools. See how to discover unknown public APIs and ensure they meet security standards.


As mobile and modern applications drive the need for DevOps models, it is important to ensure security is part of the workflow. See how to create a DevSecOps model that continuously secures mobile and modern applications.

Open Source Libraries/SDKs

The use of third-party SDKs and open source libraries to develop mobile and modern applications has become standard practice. See how to identify security concerns introduced by third-party SDKs.


With continued global concerns about privacy, industry regulations around user data have increased. See how to stay ahead of industry regulations, partner and customer compliance requirements for mobile and modern applications.

Counterfeit Applications

Keeping up with counterfeit and clone applications feels like you are playing an endless game of whack-a-mole. See how to track these malicious and unauthorized brand uses while automating the take-down process.

Automated Security for DevOps

DevOps teams are continuously delivering innovations that turn business decisions into reality. When innovative applications and API services are exposed to security vulnerabilities, the benefits of DevOps are hard to see. Security teams that bring in Data Theorem are real-life superheroes because their Analyzer Engine enables automated security for DevOps ushering in the era of DevSecOps.

Top 6 API Security Needs for Serverless Apps

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