Attack Surface Management

What is it?

As companies expand their global and cloud footprints, security teams are seeking new solutions to discover, inspect, and remediate their greatest internet-facing risks. This helps lock in stronger visibility across all modern apps and APIs, preventing data breaches. Attack Surface Management extends beyond manual pen testing to provide a view into dangerous misconfigurations and process failures that can allow attackers easy access into cloud or web apps, or allow access to valuable data.

How we do it?

  • Blackbox Discovery: No agents, configuration, or maintenance. Just continuous monitoring.
  • Attack Toolkits: Attack your AppSec stack just like a true adversary.
  • Prioritized Alerts: Separate critical alerts that need immediate attention from those that are more time consuming.
  • Actionable Findings: Reporting is available 24/7 and clearly details steps to remediation.
  • Easy Integrations: Make it easy to collaborate, for shared visibility and ownership.

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