What is it?

Across all Data Theorem tools, items will be prioritized and showcased as priority one or urgent. These will typically show up under the ‘Fix First’ section, enabling you and your team to quickly and seamlessly close alerts. During the discovery phase, the API product will begin with an inventory of all existing public APIs, checking even private APIs and where they may reside across your applications. Additionally, we identify all existing cloud building blocks such as queues, containers, cloud storage, cloud databases, where leaks are most likely to happen.

How do we do it?

The products contain the asset grouping and policy definitions from the Inspection phase. In the tool suite these auto-triaged items will show in different forms. In Mobile Secure, they will flag as P1 or priority 1 alerts, while in Web and API Secure they will be stored under ‘Fix First’ and color coded at the top of the panel for your ease of viewing. You and your team can turn on notifications for these issues and the alerts are pushed to your team efficiency platform such as Slack, MSFT Teams, or within Jira. You may also use the Data Theorem API script to seamlessly integrate into your DevSecOps processes.

Top 6 API Security Needs for Serverless Apps

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