Maintain compliance audit readiness for regulatory, customer and industry standards.

Keeping Up With Compliance and Regulations

With continued global concerns regarding data privacy and security, there is an increase in regulations on how organizations must manage and protect sensitive data. Some industries such as healthcare with HIPAA and retail with PCI have strict regulations around user data. New regulations such as GDPR and SOC 2 are starting to set a new standard for data privacy across all industries. As a result, many organizations need to rethink their approach to mobile application data security to avoid non-compliance with regulations, which can lead to negative attention and, even at times, public interrogation by governing agencies.

While developers focus on core features and functionality for their mobile and modern applications, many security teams are challenged with ensuring things stay in compliance. Staying current and ahead of changing regulations has become a never-ending task for many security teams. In addition, researching solutions to solve security gaps can become a time-consuming process. Keeping up with this ever-changing landscape of regulations has created a major challenge for many companies looking to maintain compliance.

Know When You May Be At Risk

Data Theorem's Analyzer Engine continuously tracks your mobile and modern applications for compliance gaps. It detects potential data vulnerabilities that could put you at risk with different regulatory requirements such as GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, FTC, OWASP, CALOPPA, COPPA, VPPA, SOC 2 and CCPA. When an issue that puts mobile and modern applications at risk from being within compliance is discovered, an alert is generated. The alert provides the compliance gap, regulatory agency and any potential impacts (such as fines). Additionally, developers and security teams are provided solutions to closing the gaps and meeting regulatory compliance.

Staying Ahead of Customer and Partner Audits

Regulatory agencies are not the only entities requiring mobile and modern application compliance. Oftentimes, partners and customers drive additional compliance policy that requires third-party review and audits. Data Theorem provides your security team with compliance review and allows you to provide customers and partners with on-demand reports showing the actions you are taking to meet their requirements.

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Data Theorem is a cornerstone of our security compliance practices in a highly regulated environment. With Data Theorem we have never failed a security review.

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