Continuous Inventory

What is continuous inventory?

How do you find your highest priority security issues amongst an app with thousand to millions of elements operating on the front end and back end? The first step is to collect all potential vulnerable endpoints and then categorize or analyze them. Data Theorem takes the first step with Discovery to do all of this for you within minutes.

How does it work?

Data Theorem is equipped with an industry-leading analyzer engine at the core of each of our product lines. The Data Theorem Analyzer Engine continuously scans mobile and web applications, APIs, and cloud resources in search of security flaws and data privacy gaps. It reveals your vulnerable assets in minutes, removing the need for any additional services such as consultants or manual pen testers. We enforce policies and run compliance testing through your build pipeline to help you avoid fines and always be aware of leaky data.

Data Theorem products run continuous inventory and scanning - whether it be for mobile or web on the client end, APIs used to transmit information and requests, or cloud assets. There are constant scans that will reveal any new attack vectors.

In our Mobile Secure product, Data Theorem runs the discovery across all potential paths of the app where the user can interact as well as on the backend, scanning for any vulnerabilities in stored client data, linked SDKs, open source libraries, both in the binary as well as during runtime.

In our Web Secure product, the first step of the product is to expose all web apps and associated assets, particularly for single page applications that are running dynamically with 100s of linked pages on average. Data Theorem scans all the apps, private and public APIs, cloud storage assets.

What about the Cloud?

We always connect our discovery back to the cloud. In the cloud we continue to find vulnerabilities and potential unsecured assets that are being used or linked on your front end apps for your client.

Data Theorem can run discovery on the time cadence of your choice whether it be weekly, daily, or hourly, in order to best compile your inventory. From this inventory we can then continue on to the inspection process.

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