Counterfeit Apps and Auto Take Down

Endless Clones

As attackers get creative with their phishing schemes, they often download and clone legitimate mobile applications and turn them into phish hooks. In fact, there are many products available on the market that automate the process of cloning legitimate applications. The applications are then repackaged with malicious code or ad libraries and submitted to domestic and international third-party app stores. The clones and counterfeit applications often look and operate identically to the legitimate applications, leaving victims unaware and at risk. While the clones may look and behave the same, the legitimate mobile application takes the brand impact of the counterfeit misconduct.

These types of attacks are endless and often reinitiated shortly after a previous take down is completed. Managing the impact to a company or mobile application brand can become very tedious and labor intensive. The need to continuously identify and monitor the growing list of third-party app stores becomes critical.

Track Counterfeit Mobile Applications

Data Theorem’s Brand Protect monitors hundreds of domestic and international third-party app stores, as well as the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store for Android. If your mobile application has been cloned or your logo or trademark is being exploited, Brand Protect will track this activity and alert your security and legal teams instantly.

Brand Protect leverages our Analyzer Engine to inspect the clone application and identify any malicious code that has been integrated and is putting your users and brand at risk. Your teams can then decide the appropriate course of action. Continuous monitoring and instant notifications grant your team the benefit of a proactive approach rather than a reactive response.

Automated Take Downs

The Brand Protect platform can automatically begin the take down process for the counterfeit or clone application in the hosting app store. Initializing automated take down saves time and labor of manually researching each app store take down procedure. Additionally, the platform tracks the take down process of the clone application until its completion.

Brand Protect Never Sleeps

Brand Protect never stops tracking your brand in third-party and major app stores. In the event the counterfeit or clone application gets republished after it has been taken down, Brand Protect alerts you to the reoccurrence and starts the take down process. Automating this process on an ongoing basis provides peace of mind that your brand is being continuously monitored and protected.


Securing the Mobile and API Connected Work Space

Data Theorem helped Evernote identify and close 105 security issues and remove 17 harmful third-party libraries, all before releasing them to the public app stores.