Automated Mobile App Security

Faster, more secure mobile app development with the best-in-class automated security platform for DevOps and security teams.

Mobile Secure is a continuous automated security service that finds vulnerabilities and data privacy issues within mobile (iOS and Android) applications. The service automatically discovers and downloads all the mobile applications associated with a customer's publisher identity on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. These mobile applications scans operate on a daily basis within the Data Theorem Analyzer Engine to find vulnerabilities with an emphasis on priority issues.

All your mobile apps.

Get instant results for all your public mobile apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The best results in minutes.

Data Theorem Analyzer Engine completes static, dynamic and behavioral analysis of apps in minutes.

Not sure where to start?

Focus on the issues that matter with auto-triage of findings that put your app and business at risk.

Remediate issues faster than ever.

Close findings faster with developer focused recommendations and secure code samples.

Make compliance audits simple.

Generate instant compliance reports with one-click, making your apps customer and regulatory compliance-ready at any time.

Using third-party code?

Once compiled, third-party code has access to the same data as native code. Our Analyzer Engine scans both.

Simple integrations for DevOps tools.

Do not let security checks slow down your app development with easy integration for the DevOps tools you love most.

Backend APIs secure?

Continuous analysis and alerting of backend APIs based on your security policies to prevent data breaches.

Securing Mobile Healthcare Apps

Data Theorem helped Wildflower identify and close 73 security issues and remove 11 harmful third-party libraries, all before releasing them to the public app stores.


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