Play Store Privacy Protect

Google's Play Store requires all mobile application developers to display (publicly!) all data the app is collecting and all data the app is sharing with 3rd parties. While this sounds easy enough, it is very hard and prone to legal fines if not kept accurate.


App privacy is focused on the user and allowing them to control who or what has access to their data. In order to secure user privacy, developers will need to have the required tools, APIs, or guidance to build secure applications, as well as protect the user’s sensitive data on a continuous basis. In order to fulfill Google's data safety requirements, teams need to track the types of data the app consumes and where it is located.

With these app privacy details not readily available to most developers, it is possible that companies will under report. Once exposed, the company may be exposed to negative publicity or possibly lawsuits if lack of privacy disclosure is discovered.


Data Theorem's mobile analyzer will detect all data that is being collected by your app *during runtime dynamic analysis* and which 3rd parties it is being shared with. This will allow your developers to accurately and technically fill out the Google data safety form. Data Theorem has additional capabilities such as automated discovery and inspection of third-party SDK/OSS libraries so that all of your apps' data privacy issues are easier to monitor and report.

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Do you have the necessary level of tracking on your app to identify all locations of user data?

Securing Mobile Healthcare Apps

Data Theorem helped Wildflower identify and close 73 security issues and remove 11 harmful third-party libraries, all before releasing them to the public app stores.